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Directed by Pascal Bonitzer

Year : 2016
Cast : Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Vincent Lacoste
Genre : Drama
Language : French
Country : France, Luxemburg

Nora Sator, a dynamic young woman in her late 20s, early 30s, just starting at mergers & acquisitions outfit AB Finance, learns that her boss, Arnaud Barsac, and her father Serge, a researcher forced into early retirement, knew each other back in the day and that a mysterious hostility divided them, or continues to divide them.

The mystery deepens when Barsac invites Nora to his house, apparently to write an urgent report. There, she meets Solveig, Barsac's wife, who also clearly knew Serge and harbors strong feelings about him.

Even so, Nora makes a bright start and soon progresses within the company, but not without arousing the animosity of her coworker Xavier, whose good looks catch the eye of Maya, Nora's sister.

Family secrets, romantic adventures and career paths become inextricably tangled until a resolution that sees certain destinies shattered.

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